4th Meeting of the UfM Working Group on the Blue Economy

Date: 26/4/2018 

Place: Brussels,  Belgium

Description of the event: The UfM Working Group on Blue Economy is a technical group composed of representatives designated by the UfM countries and is co-chaired by the two co-Presidencies with the support of the UfM Secretariat http://ufmsecretariat.org/ufm-working-group-blue-economy/ . The 4th Meeting of the UfM Working Group on the Blue Economy will be held on 26 April 2018 in Brussels. Among others, the meeting will be the opportunity to i) discuss the results of the 1st UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on the Blue Economy held on 29-30 November 2017 in Naples; ii) address coordination issues and present latest regional and national advancements in the implementation of the UfM Ministerial Declaration on the Blue Economy; iii) brainstorm on possible topics for, and a roadmap towards, the next UfM Ministerial Conference on the Blue Economy. For more information, please, contact Christos Theophilou  Christos.THEOPHILOU@ec.europa.eu